Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ITnewsletter is committed to personal privacy and to an ethical use of email marketing. The following statement describes the means of privacy used by ITnewsletter:

Information sharing and disclosure

ITnewsletter`s customers are signed on a committing agreement in which they commit that the recipients in their distribution list have specifically asked to receive email based messages from their company. The recipients registration process to the distribution list of the customer is being checked by ITnewsletter prior his joining our services. ITnewsletter will take all means necessary, including legal actions, against every customer which will violate this agreement. The customers account information is held under complete confidence. ITnewsletter does not rent or trade in email lists. Email distribution lists are not transferred to any third party in any way or form. At all times, our customers remain the sole owner of their distribution lists and different information. Private data such as role, email address, phone number etc. is stored in our databases in order only to provide the services described in this website. Any information will be stored only if you decide to provide it and if you agree to receive emails from the company. You may cancel your registration to any of the email distribution lists in any time. Every email message includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Unsubscribing is immediate and will insure you`ll never receive another email from the specified distribution list.


ITnewsletter takes precaution measures in order to protect its databases and data of its customers and their email distribution lists. Our servers are stored in a protected environment behind firewalls and encryption algorithms.


ITnewsletter may change its privacy policy in the future. Every change in the policy will be published online in our website. For any concern regarding our privacy policy please contact us.